Rule changes for 2016/17

All 16 amendments to the SECA By-Laws, as proposed by the Executive, were approved by member clubs in the recent postal voting procedure. The following are amendments that directly apply to game days, and as such, should be passed on to all Club Committee members and in particular, senior team captains, vice captains and team managers. It is suggested that a copy is also located on a prominent club notice board.

The entire By-Laws will be in the new SECA Handbook and on our website, but this summary should be of assistance for quick reference.

Player  Transfer Provisions – By-Laws &
A new provision applies that once having played in a game in any grade in the CV Premier or Sub-District competitions in the current season, a player cannot be nominated in a SECA senior team below that club’s 2nd XI for the remainder of the season, except with SECA approval.

This limits players of ability being selected in lower grades when becoming available for one or more SECA games, particularly in the instances where turf cricket has been abandoned for the round.

By-Law 3.3 should be carefully studied when players from other competitions join your club prior to or during the season.

Cricket Attire – By-Law 7.1.1
Clubs are advised that this section has been strengthened - Clubs are required to ensure that all players are dressed in white or cream cricket attire or they shall not be permitted to participate. Headwear is restricted to white or cream cricket hats or your club’s cap. Socks must be white/cream and shoes must be predominately white.

Official umpires have the authority to eject a player from the field until the attire is considered satisfactory. Fines will apply to clubs whose players regularly breach this dress code.


Longmuir & Woolnough Shield – One-Day Games – By-Law

In scheduled Longmuir Shield one-day games (i.e. in 2016/17, rounds 1, 7 and 11), coloured team attire (including pants and pads) shall be worn and SECA-approved white cricket balls used. This will not apply to one-day games caused by the abandonment of play of day one of a scheduled two-day game.
In Woolnough Shield, normal white cricket attire shall be worn and SECA-approved red cricket balls used.


Finals Conditions
i) New format for Reduced Overs Grades and One-Day Grade – By-Law

After the completion of the home and away games, the final series shall be played as follows:-
The second and third teams shall play in the first semi-final. The first and the fourth teams shall play in the second semi-final. The winners of the semi-finals shall play in the grand final for the premiership of the grade.

ii) Team Manager – all grades – By-Law (new)

In all finals games, each team must appoint a non-playing team manager who shall be responsible during each day’s play for umpire liaison, tea and drinks provision and club supporter supervision.

iii) Exchanging Team Lists – all grades – By-Law 4.6.1
In all finals games, each captain shall nominate his team’s players in writing to the opposing captain, before the toss.

Rescheduled and Abandoned Days – By-Law 4.12 (new)

The Executive may abandon a day’s play in advance due to impending adverse weather conditions or other exceptional circumstances. Notice to clubs will be carried out as expeditiously as possible, via the Association website and other media.

A club may, under exceptional circumstances, request that a two-day game of its lowest graded team be rescheduled as a one-day game. The approval of the opposition club and the SECA Secretary or Administrator must be obtained prior to noon on the day prior to the scheduled commencing day of the game.

For the purposes of By-Law 4.6 Nomination of Teams, a two-day game rescheduled as a one-day game is deemed to be played on both days. Similarly, a game scheduled or rescheduled on a Sunday/s or other days (eg. to facilitate ground availability) is deemed to be played on the Saturday/s.

Junior Hours of Play - By-Law 6.1

6.1.1 TWO-DAY GAMES: On Saturdays play shall commence each day at 8.45am. On Fridays play shall commence at 4.30pm or as close to that time as is practicable.  There will be a break of not more than ten minutes after 20 overs have been bowled, providing there has not been a break earlier in the day.

6.1.2 ONE-DAY GAMES: On Saturdays play shall commence at 8.15am. On Fridays play shall commence at 4.30pm or as close to that time as is practicable.

6.1.3 ALL GAMES: The full allotment of overs referred to in By-laws 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 shall be bowled each day of play unless the game has reverted to Ordinary Conditions (see By-law 6.2.4) when play shall not continue after 11.30am on Saturdays or 7.30pm on Fridays.


Junior Games - Batting Restrictions - By-Law

The clause “A batsman cannot retire more than once in an innings” no longer applies.


Extra Notes for Clubs:

Senior One-Day Grade – By-Law 4.4.5

One-Day Grade games shall be played under the same rules as Reduced Overs Grades one-day games – see By-Law 4.4.2. All other pertinent Senior Competition Rules also apply.

The following exceptions apply:-

-          In all games, each captain shall nominate his team’s players in writing to the opposing captain, before the toss.

-          The Executive may make allowance for a reserve day for a Grand Final, to enable the game to be completed should bad weather or conditions prevent the game’s normal completion on the scheduled day.”

The One-Day Grade is a separate competition from the regular two-day competition. The demotion rule By-Law 4.6.4 does not apply to this grade. Games played in this grade will not qualify players to play in the two-day grades finals, and vice-versa.

In recent seasons a number of Rules Reminders were sent out to clubs in an attempt to clarify areas of doubt and to give advance notice of aspects that may have been imminent eg. extreme heat, finals eligibility, etc. These will continue to be circulated this coming season but will only be beneficial if clubs ensure that all relevant captains and officials receive them in a timely manner.

If at any time your club considers that an item should be included in these Reminders please send the details to the SECA secretariat.