Junior Club Policies


To create a positive & encouraging environment for players to learn & develop their cricket skills, to enjoy the game of cricket & to place sportsmanship above winning at all costs.


To achieve the clubs objectives all players parents and officials shall:

    • Nurture and develop individual potential to its fullest
    • Nurture and develop team potential to its fullest
    • Always give constructive and positive advice aimed at informing how to play better, not dwelling on mistakes.
    • Talk to the players not at them
    • Never motivate by fear or criticize a player in front of his team mates
    • Improve by training with emphasis on variation, individual and team skills, fitness and achievement.
    • Enjoyment and encouragement should be the guiding principle.
    • Teach players how to win and lose gracefully and the importance of accepting the umpire's decisions.
    • Give equal time and coaching to all players.
    • Experienced players should be encouraged to help inexperienced players.
    • Team improvement stems from the least experienced players.

      Code of Behaviour

      • Respect the traditions of the game
      • Encourage team mates
      • Respect & accept umpire's decisions
      • Demonstrate good sportsmanship
      • Respect the name & reputation of ESCC
      • Play fairly & always within the rules of the game
      • Respect our opposition
      • Play to the best of our ability
      • Respect our club's equipment & property
      • Cooperate with team managers & officials

      For more information please refer to ESCC Code of Behavior document for players / parents and coaches.

      Team Selection Policy

      Teams will be selected on a fair and consistent basis providing the opportunity for players to develop their cricket skills in an enjoyable and friendly environment.

      The club encourages players to take a positive attitude to joining a new team. We have found that this often opens up opportunities for development of the player's game and the formation of new friendships amongst team mates and parents. For more information please refer to ESCC Team Selection policy document.

      Grading Policy

      The South East Cricket Association (SECA)competition, in which ESCC participates, is a graded competition at U12, U14, U16 and U18 levels. ESBCC will assess a player's ability to participate at a particular grade in the SECA competition. The aim of grading is to ensure that players neither play at too high nor too low a level, so that they enjoy the game and improve their cricket and enable ESBCC to field competitive teams in the competition. For more information please refer to ESCC Grading Policy document.

      Awards Policy

      Each junior team has 3 individual awards alloted to be awarded at the completion of the season

      1. Team Batting Average:

      • Must have played the minimum six games for the side
      • Have achieved a minimum of 50 runs ( 30 for rookies)
      • The winner will be decided by the following formula. : Batting average – taken from Mycricket (home and away only)
      • The winner is the player with the best average

      2. Team Bowling Average:

      • Must have played the minimum six games for the side
      • Must have taken a minimum of 5 wickets for the season
      • Must have bowled a minimum of 20 overs for U14’s and U16’s and 15 for U12’s (10 for Rookies)
      • Best average receives the award


      3. Coaches Award:

      • To be awarded at the discretion of the coach to a player that has showed something special for the year .e.g. great team player, best all rounder, best finals player etc. This can also be taken from mycricket  stats eg for best fielder or team champion


      Parental Assistance

      Finally, as a parent, please understand that the enjoyment and benefit that your children derive from participating in a club cricket team is very much dependent upon the involvement of parents at both an individual team and club level.

      There are many other opportunities to assist, so please consider helping to make your child's team or the club function effectively. Everyone involved is doing so on a voluntary basis and the more people that get involved, the easier it is for all. Examples of areas you could help include, but are not limited to:

      • Team Manager
      • Assistant Team Manager
      • Umpiring
      • Scoring
      • Committee Member
      • Social Activities
      • Donation of an award /raffle item
      • Assist Junior Coach at training
      • Club Sponsorship

      The need for parental participation particularly on match days has been emphisised with all parents. Without parental involvement the team cannot exist. Parents should establish a roster that covers duties such as scoring, umpiring, and ground preparation on match days and emailing scores and sending off match reports and recording the statistics after the match. The team manager may appoint a parent permanently to hold down one of these positions.

      Uniform policy

      All players are required to wear the ESBCC white cricket shirt with the appropriate logos and the club cap with the ESCC logo. They are only available from the club. Players must wear short or long pant; white sports socks and white runners. Managers and coaches will decide with parents whether wearing club clothing is required for mid week training.

      Safety Rules and Protective Clothing policy

      The club supplies all teams with kits that include pads and batting gloves. All batsmen in all Junior grades will wear a helmet with the appropriate face guard protection at both matches and the trainings. Wicket Keepers in U12 and U14 will wear a helmet. U16 Wicket Keeper must either wear a helmet or an appropriate mouth guard at both matches and trainings. All players must wear a cricket protector (box), this means that boxer shorts cannot be worn for matches, and otherwise the players suffer from slippage. Players must provide their own thigh and arm protectors if they feel they are required.

      Sunsmart Policy

      The health of our players is a prime concern to ESCC. Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world with two out of three people experiencing some form of cancer during their lifetime. Exposure during childhood and teenage years is believed to be the most important period in determining whether you will experience skin cancer during your lifetime. The policy of ESCC is to protect players from skin cancer as follows:

      To promote or supply participants with a shirt with a collar.Encourage boys to wear sunglasses at suitable times.Cricket caps and hats to be worn at trainings and on match days.To promote the use of sunscreen by players at trainings and on match days.To continually promote Sunsmart policies during the season. Encourage players to sit in the shade whilst waiting to bat.

      Weather policy

      Please refer to the South East Cricket Association (SECA) web site for the appropriate policy on weather ie: Heat and Wet Weather.

      Privacy Policy

      The information provided in the registration form shall be used for the administration of ESCC and as such may be made available to other members of ESBCC for that purpose. Player information may also be made available to theSouth East Cricket Association and Cricket Victoria as required. ESCC will not sell its mailing list or make player information available to other third parties.

      Playing Times

      Please refer to the South East Cricket Association (SECA) web site for the playing times for all grades.


      In addition to the Club Senior Policy, SECA has its own Player Code of Conduct that all member clubs and its players must abide by. The specific By-Law is reproduced below:


      7.1 DRESS

      7.1.1   Clubs are required to ensure that all players are dressed in white cricketing attire or they shall not be permitted to participate.
      7.1.2   Cricketing attire is defined as full length trousers, shirt, jumper (optional), head wear, footwear and socks, all of which must be white or as regards footwear predominantly white.
      7.1.3   Headwear shall be restricted to cricket caps of the participating teams, white or broad brimmed cricket hats or other style caps providing they display no wording or design other than that of the club.
      7.1.4   Players cannot participate with sprigs or spikes in their footwear.
      7.1.5   Only players under 16 years may wear short trousers.
      7.1.6   SECA Representative caps and shirts are to be worn only in inter-Association games and not during club games.
      7.1.7   Association Executive approval is required for any on-field team clothing that features club colours, sponsor names or logos or the like.

      7.2 CONDUCT

      7.2.1   All games shall be conducted in the true spirit of the game of cricket and club officials, team managers, captains and players are required to adopt this policy and ensure that whether on or off the field of play, they do not engage in any conduct that is unbecoming to the game of cricket.
      7.2.2   All players shall – respect the umpire; – not verbally or physically abuse any umpire; – not dispute the umpire’s decision nor react in a threatening or disapproving manner; – when given out, move immediately and not indulge in tantrums; – generally assist umpires in carrying out their duties; – not indulge in “sledging” or other verbal abuse or physical abuse of opposition players or officials; – refrain from smoking on the field of play during matches; – refrain from consuming alcohol during the course of a game.
      7.2.3   Clubs shall place each team under the control of a responsible person.
      7.2.4   Captains shall instruct their players to:   avoid wasting time – incoming and outgoing batsmen should pass inside the boundary line and fieldsmen should move quickly to position at all times;   comply with dress and behaviour requirements and conduct themselves in a manner that conforms to the traditional image of the game of cricket.
      7.2.5    Each club will be held accountable for the behaviour of their supporters and players.