Players: Mark Jenkin

Name:Mark Jenkin

Nickname:Cheeks, Wizard, Animal


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Favourite Food:Any

Favourite Movie:Terminator

Favourite Music/Artist:Stevie Wonder

Least Favourite Music/Artist:One Direction

All Time Favourite Cricketer :Luke Dallas

Least Favourite Cricketer:Anyone At Mackie

Highest Score:64 vs Mackie

Best Bowling:7/37 vs Mackie

Awards:Club Champion, John Jones Medallist, 7 Time Longmuir Premiership Player, Harry Morgan Medallist x 2, 3 x 1st Bowling Average

Funniest Thing Seen On A Cricket Field:
While playing with current president, seeing him take two pieces of KFC in his pocket with him back out onto the ground after tea break.

Favourite ESBCC Moment From Last Season:
Grand Final win by the 1sts and the run out of Uniting Captain (Lalor) in Grand Final.

Prediction For This Season:
5 premierships