Players: Chris Diggle

Name:Chris Diggle


Occupation:School Kid

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Favourite Food:Carbonara

Favourite Movie:The Hangover

Favourite Music/Artist:A band from my school

Least Favourite Music/Artist:One Direction

All Time Favourite Cricketer :Mike Hussey

Least Favourite Cricketer:

Highest Score:71 vs Haileybury

Best Bowling:3/11 vs Eastern Cricket Association

Awards:Junior Batting Average x 2, Junior Bowling Average x 1

Funniest Thing Seen On A Cricket Field:
A boy going to catch a ball, missing it and it hitting him in the face

Favourite ESBCC Moment From Last Season:
Getting called up to play for the 2nds

Prediction For This Season:
Liam P playing 1sts and hopefully another premiership