Players: David Cafarella

Name:David Cafarella



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Favourite Food:Steak

Favourite Movie:The Great Race

Favourite Music/Artist:Paul Simon

Least Favourite Music/Artist:Madonna

All Time Favourite Cricketer :Keith Stackpole

Least Favourite Cricketer:-

Highest Score:137 vs Mackie

Best Bowling:5/16 vs Caulfield South

Awards:Life Member, 5 x 3rd XI Batting, 2 x 5th XI batting, 8 premierships, President for 14 years and 4 years as Secretary

Funniest Thing Seen On A Cricket Field:
Lethal keeping

Favourite ESBCC Moment From Last Season:
1sts Grand Final win

Prediction For This Season:
I'll drop a catch and so will Cuds