Players: Anton Duddy

Name:Anton Duddy

Nickname:The Baron


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Favourite Food:Pepper Pie

Favourite Movie:2008 AFL Grand Final

Favourite Music/Artist:Pearl Jam

Least Favourite Music/Artist:Nickleback

All Time Favourite Cricketer :Matt Hayden

Least Favourite Cricketer:Any English Player

Highest Score:126 vs Brighton Union

Best Bowling:9/13 vs ESBCC (including getting Lukey D caught & bowled)

Awards:2 x batting & club champion, 1 x John Jones Medal

Funniest Thing Seen On A Cricket Field:
Heath falling over the fence trying to take a catch

Favourite ESBCC Moment From Last Season:
The 1sts Flag

Prediction For This Season:
Barney & Shawney will put plenty of money in the fine tin