Players: Heath McLeod

Name:Heath McLeod


Occupation:Whatever Rocky says

Sponsored By:

Favourite Food:Everything

Favourite Movie:1984 Grand Final

Favourite Music/Artist:Stephen Kernahan

Least Favourite Music/Artist:One Direction

All Time Favourite Cricketer :Glenn Phelan

Least Favourite Cricketer:Glenn Phelan

Highest Score:140 vs Coronet City

Best Bowling:2/20 vs Highett West

Awards:Not applicable - it's a team game!

Funniest Thing Seen On A Cricket Field:
Bluey vs Chelt Park dropping two catches in a row.

Favourite ESBCC Moment From Last Season:
Bluey breaking his finger when he dropped a catch.

Prediction For This Season:
Glenn Phelan to f--k up the subs first night.