Level 3 Good Sports Club

East Sandringham is proud to have applied for its certification as a level 3 Good Sports Club. Good sports aims to reduce alcohol and other drug problems, increase the viability of sporting clubs and improve the range and quality of sport options available within the community.

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Good Sports exists to deliver on the following aims:

  • Highlight club's important role in the community
  • Help clubs serve and sell alcohol with the law
  • Reduce alcohol-related problems (eg. Binge and underage drinking, violence, etc.)
  • Increase club viability
  • Enable clubs to meet their duty of care obligations
  • Eliminate drink driving incidents
  • Provide free ongoing education and support

Good Sports also delivers the following benefits:

Benefits to Clubs*

  • ‘New' club culture welcoming to families and juniors
  • More attractive to sponsors
  • New and diverse revenues streams
  • Increase in membership, volunteers and teams
  • Improved relationships with community organizations (local govt., police)
  • Improved public image
  • Reduced risk of liability
  • Reduced alcohol-related problems
  • Applications for funding and grants strengthened.

Benefits to Communities

  • Residents more connected and satisfied with their community
  • Reduced violence, noise, injury and damage to facilities
  • Reduced road trauma and drink driving incidents
  • More young people protected from the misuse of legal and illegal drugs
  • Improved health and fitness of community members
  • More viable and family focused sporting clubs

* Source: Australian Institute for Primary Care-Latrobe University, "Evaluation of the Good Sports Program 2003"

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