Juniors star in SECA Rep Teams

Last Sunday saw the conclusion of the annual VMCU carnival which pits the state's metropolitan competitions against each other. SECA entered 8 teams of which 5 made it to their respective Grand Finals with 3 going on to win.

7 boys and 2 coaches from East Sandy were selected and all of them represented themselves, the club and competition with aplomb. The members are:

Phil Arnold U18 Shield - Champions

Graeme Diggle - Coach

Keith Mackay U16 Shield - Runners Up

Matt Blunden

Russell Allen U14 Shield - Runners Up

Archie Perkins

Keith Michell U12 Shield - Champions

Kim Pitt - Coach
James Keys
Elliot Perkins
Marcus Bierens

Josh Browne U12 Plate - Champions

Zac Fulkey
Cooper Holloway

There are other representative comps being fought out this week which we will report on once completed.

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