Dallas & Strahan lead the way!

The 1sts rallied to bowl Mackie out for 166 in difficult conditions. At one stage the visitors were 3/122 before Luke Dallas 4/32 off 19 overs and Mitch Strahan 4/33 off 17.4 overs were the chief destroyers backed up by the best fielding display of the season. Paul Bennett and Brett Gibb then negotiated 5 overs to have the boys at 0/11. With a solid batting display next week, the 1's will be looking at a 2 win 2 loss mid ladder placing after the first 4 rounds of the season.

The seconds led by Chris Roe 4/72 off 24 overs held Hampton Central to 216 off their allotted overs. Again a committed batting display next weekend will hold the boys in the race for the finals. The 3rd's were bowled out for 93 and with East Oakleigh 1/17 need an extremely disciplined bowling and fielding display to force their way back into the match.

The other grades were either washed out or have one dayers starting next Saturday.

It will be great to see everyone down on the training track Thursday (Cup day no training) to help push for wins across all teams.

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