6 to 8yo, T20 Blast is on for you!

ESBCC are fielding a team in the T20blast competition this upcoming season ( http://www.t20blast.com.au/) see website for details. The game is designed for Children 6-8 years old that have done 1-2 seasons of Milo but are not yet ready to progress to the "hard ball" cricket

MILO T20 Blast Format
Players: Eight per side (players bat in pairs, bowl/wk in pairs)
Game Length: 16 overs per team
Pitch Length: 16m
Pitch Type: Grass Outfield
Ball: Rubber
Bat: Players are allowed to use their own timber bat (However, all equipment is supplied)
Protective Equipment: Not required.
Boundary Size: 30m
Fielding: No fielder is allowed within 10m of the bat until after the ball is hit. This excludes the wicket-keeper and slips.

The sessions are start at Boss James reserve on Saturday mornings starting late October. If anyone is interested, please contact Steve Inglis on juniors@esbcc.com.au

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