New Nets on the Horizon

1/ Cricket nets and facilities.  The committee at ESBCC has been working with Bayside City Council (BCC ) to upgrade the cricket net facilities for many years. Several factors have resulted in the upgrade of these facilities being put in the “too hard basket”. These include the lack of space, the large well established trees at the back of the nets, the fact that the run ups must not be on the football playing surface, neighbour considerations and the need to meet strict guidelines from Cricket Australia and the AFL. BCC have informed the club that the upgrade has been budgeted for in this years’ budget. Most likely the upgrade will occur after the 2015 football season.

2/ Renovations at Sandringham College- Holloway Rd. ESBCC is currently working with both Sandringham College and the BCC to upgrade facilities at the college. Planned works at this stage, included upgrading the centre wicket on the west oval, repairing the training nets at the school and repairs to the pavilion at the school. ESBCC play 3 -5 games at the venue each weekend and the ESBCC committee are of the opinion that this upgrade is important for both the local community and the club. At this stage, ESBCC will be funding these renovations. We are hoping to get work commenced so these facilities will be ready for use this season.

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