2 Wicket Loss to Buckly Ridges...

East Sandy traveled down to Mentone playing fields to take on Buckly Ridges in the Twenty20 South Metro Semi-Final, with a good spread of players from across the grades. The boys put up a good fight up with the bat making 7\109 off there 20 overs.

The boys started off well with the ball, Timmy Burger getting the first wicket early with Lukey D taking a contender for catch of the year on the cover fence which got the boys up and about early. The boys fielded and bowled very well with the game going down to the 17th over having them 8 down, with a special mention to Robbie Devereaux with the ball taking a couple of wickets for not many, and Timmy Burger in the wickets and Mitch Strahan doing a good job with the ball also.

Special mention to "Fluff" who drove their off-spinner a couple of rows back..!

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