Coaches Tips

There are many fantastic training aids to help all parts of your game available to you on the internet. Some of these are below but sites such as Cricket Victoria's Coaching site (click here) and Cricket Australia's Coaches Portal (click here, you need to sign up but the resources are brilliant) provide fantastic ways for both coaches and players to hone their and their players games.

Cricket Australia Coaching Apps

For those of you that can spare a couple of dollars there are some great apps developed by Cricket Australia that provide coaching and training ideas specifically for batting, bowling and fielding that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.

Download CABowling iphone app

Download CABatting iphone app

Download CAFielding iphone app

Fielding Positions

Wicket Keeping Tips

  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Weight evenly balanced on the balls of the feet
  • Ensure a clear view of the bowler in delivery
  • Standing back position to take ball at hip height
  • To spinners, left foot should be about 5cm outside the off stump and two ‘foot lengths’ back (right hand batter)
  • Cupped gloves rise with the ball
  • Keep gloves slightly out in front of the eyes
  • Point fingers up, down or to the side, never at the ball

Medium/Pace Bowling Tips

Spin Bowling Tips


How do you get juniors to stop using their bottom hand and hitting the ball in the air all the time ?

  • Make sure they hold the bat with the bottom hand VERY LOOSELY
  • Ensure their head is over ball when the bat makes contact with the ball
  • Keep the front elbow high during the stroke (left elbow for right hand batsman)

DRILL – Cut shot

This drill demonstrates the steps required in completing a cut shot.

Materials required - cricket ball


  • take a normal batting stance (without bat)
  • place a cricket ball in your preferred hand
  • with your other hand grip the wrist of the hand holding the cricket ball
  • turn both hands slightly towards your front foot
  • move your back foot towards the off stump
  • take both arms back over back shoulder
  • throw the ball hard away from your body (through point is the ideal area)
  • follow through with both arms coming over front shoulder

This drill is particularly good for junior cricket players.

  • it shows the steps in completing the cut shot
  • it allows them to feel how the wrists should roll slightly at impact
  • it can be done with a team mate at training in the nets
  • it can be done by themselves in the backyard with a tennis ball

Batting Shot Examples