Club Records

First Ever Father/Son Golden Duck Pair - D & J. Cafarella - (6th Nov 2010)

Never in the history of the East Sandringham Boys Cricket Club has a Father/Son combination scored a century together.

And as of Round 3, 2010, that was still the case. However, President, David Cafarella and son, Jack can now lay claim to a more dubious, but nevertheless memorable record, being the first to both get out for a golden duck in the same innings.

This feat occurred during the 3rd XI's match against Omega at Keeley Park West, a place James Ross astutely described, "I've never been there before and I don't think I ever want to go there again."


Longest Over - B.Appleby (2009) - 22 Deliveries

Bowling MapThis is a record we don't expect to see beaten ay time soon.

When Ben Appleby was brought into the attack one sunny afternoon in 2009, little did the cricketing world know that a memorable moment was about to unfold.

22 balls later, and the longest over record in ESBCC history was his.

Unfortunately, the Junior Cricket mercy rule that cuts overs off at 10 balls doesn't extend to Seniors and so the 6th XI were subjected to an over that had  more drama than a Mills & Boon novel.

Spare a thought for the scorers who strived to fit the over in the book.