Club History

In The Beginning

East Sandringham Boys Club began as a youth club in 1948. Its colours were green and gold. It fielded teams in local competitions of cricket, football, softball and basketball.

As there were no clubrooms, the teams changed in the sleep-out of the family of Marg Francis and ran onto the ground from there. The white house on the corner.

It was a very close club in those days, with only a few adults to help out, the average age of the members being 17. They formed their own committees and raised their own funds. Social events included dances held at the Sandringhm and Hampton Memorial halls. All the members would go out in groups and always had a wonderful time and to this day are still great friends.

For the 25th Anniversary of the Club, a reunion ball was held at San Souci in Moorabbin, with over 300 people attending. Most of the original players from the teams attended and a great night was had by all. The night was organised by the Ladies Committee of Marg Francis, Lois West and Cheryl Tregenza.

The Cricket team won their first Premiership in 1958. The side, captained by Neil Petch, defeated Mackie to take the C Grade flag.

The names Francise, Ilies, Cooper, Tregenza, West and Cummings can be seen on many pennants, etc through many different eras of East Sandringham as the original members and then their children have continued on at the Club.

Norm Francis became the first Life Member of the Cricket Club.

Through The Eighties

On the field during the 1980's we really cemented our place as one of the top, progressive clubs in the CMCA with every team in the club recording at least one Premiership in this time. Most importantly, the First XI were able to continue the great on-field efforts of the 70's by remaining the top side in Longmuir Shield.

As the seasons past, we constantly looked for ways of keeping a step ahead of our rivals. We appointed our first paid captain/coach in John Anderson and also were able to enlist the services of former State player John Stephens. However the true reason for remaining at the top lay not with these two players alone, but with the wealth of talent that was nurtured by the Junior teams of the previous two decades.

Players such as Ron Cantlon, Peter Cafarella, Bruce Feben, Tony Murley, Rod Huckett, Peter Mannix, David Pledger and Jeff Davies all played in the under age teams then went through to play in the 1st XI Premiership teams.

Add to this list the likes of captain/coach Graeme Bell, Kevin Milton, Colin and Graeme Earle, Marty Lyons and Neil Phelan and not to forget the legend Leigh Head. If one person had to be singled out who helped bring us success more than any other it would be Kim Pitt. Four premierships and two runners-up as captain and one more flags as a player speaks for itself. However, knowing Kim, he is reluctant to accept personal accolades and would say that is the whole Club that is successful, not one person. We were just that.

Oh, and there was some other young kid who's done OK for himself. Shane Ward (or something like that).

Congratulations to everyone who has helped to keep the ESBCC going strong for over 60 years.

In 2016 the club was renamed East Sandringham Cricket Club to help mirror changes insociety to make sure we are seen as an inclusive environment.